Work development environment is Windows, which means I interact with git using powershell and msysgit
Can use posh-git

Powershell profile

pmcgrath profile
posh-git is more suitable for most

Windows remote bare repositories

This is based on kozmic’s content
Created a shared directory on a file server, giving domain users modify permissions
To create the bare repository on the file server run - git init –bare //fileserver/scm/myrepo.git
To clone this repository on a workstation run - git clone //fileserver/scm/myrepo.git


Generating ssh keys on github
Working with ssh key passphrases on github
git windows setup on github
posh git powershell module (GitUtils.ps1 file)

Generate key using ssh-keygen

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Ensure ssh-agent is on path and not already running

ssh-agent | ? { $_ -match '(?<key>[^=]+)=(?<value>[^;]+);' | % { $key = $matches['key']; $value =$matches['value']; set-item env:$key $value; } }
if (test-path ~/.ssh/id_rsa) { ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa; }
# To verify above can use the following
ssh-add -l # to see added identities
ssh -v git@github.com # to test


See hooks

Powershell script to watch file usage when interacting with git

Tried to run Tim Berglund’s bash script, but since msysgit currently comes with a very old version of bash it did not work, so just used powershell equivalent
Obviously you can only really watch a small repo, if you want to be able to see all the files
Probably a good idea to remove all the sample hooks in the .git/hooks directory
Open two terminals side by side, running the below script from within the .git directory of the repository you want to observe

for(;;) { clear; tree /F; sleep 1; }

Good presentations

git libraries

  • grit # Wrapper around shell calls
  • libgit2 # c code with bindings for a lot of languages